Sep 25 Tue Tradition and Creation, Japan Calligraphy at the Nippon Gallery (September 25 – October 1, 2018)

A rare opportunity to look in on a purely Japanese cultural event watching along with an exclusively Japanese audience at an exhibition of calligraphy which featured many examples in wall hangings and, then, Shuho Kondo a distinguished artist producing calligraphy on the spot with black paintbrush and pot of ink in spontaneous creations reflecting the influence and themes of first, Mr. Yoshiki Miura and his first class Japanese jazz quartet playing sophisticated numbers from the Thelonius Monk era and then Chinese fiddle player Li Aki, a Japanese instrumentalist playing a traditional string instrument in the Japanese manner.

“Tradition and Creation”
Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition by Shuho Kondo and Japan Shuho Club members
With special participation by Social welfare corporation Hagukumu, Conceptual metal works Yuka Yoshida,
Jazz Guitarist Yoshiki Miura, Chinese fiddle player Li Aki

The Nippon Gallery is pleased to host “Tradition and Creation”, Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition by Shuho Kondo, who acts as a calligrapher energetically in Japan. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of her teaching calligraphy, works by members of Shuho Japan Club will be exhibited.

Inheriting the tradition of Chinese Classics from her ancestors who were calligraphers from generation to generation, she has worked very hard to hand down the techniques to the younger generations.

Shuho has always been influenced by a phrase from Fushikaden, a treatise on Noh (traditional masked dance-drama) written by Zeami when she creates her works. “Learn from the old technique. Even when you attempt to create something new,” Zeami wrote. “Never disrespect what has been accomplished by the predecessors.”

At the exhibition, Shuho will exhibit her challenging works of art including a few pieces inspired by Fushikaden, The Ranteijo – the work of calligraphy written by Wang Xi-Zhi and the most famous in the calligraphy world -, and a large piece that says “Creation”.

Members of Shuho Calligraphy Club will exhibit their original pieces with the theme of “Tradition and Creation”.

At this exhibition, works by members of the social welfare corporation, Ito Okashi, where Shuho has been teaching calligraphy for 18 years, will be exhibited. “Iroha song”, masterpieces of “Manyoshu” and so on will be exhibited. Some of the works include winning works at international art projects.

Furthermore, Shuho is collaborating with Yuko Yoshida, a jewelry designer, which is a completely new experience for her as an artist. “I sincerely hope that the precious mind transmitted from our predecessors will be kept alive in each new expression,” Shuho says about the enthusiasm for this exhibition.

By all means, please enjoy many of the calligraphy works created with individual wonderful sensibilities, with the theme of “tradition and creation”.

■Opening Reception featuring a calligraphy performance in collaboration with Mr. Aki Lee, President of Chinese Fiddle Association in Japan. Also, with a great honor, Mr. Yoshiki Miura and his band will join them. Mr. Miura is a jazz guitarist who has composed music for Hollywood Movies and very popular TV programs in United States. This is the first time they collaborate together.

Date & Time: 9/25 (Tue) 18:00 pm – 20:00 pm (RSVP:

Aki Lee, President of Chinese Fiddle Association in Japan
Yoshiki Miura, Jazz Guitarist
23 years veterans performing in the New York City area, with a funky, energetic jazz sound. His music crosses the traditional modern jazz boundaries, injecting R&B, and Latin styles. Graduated Berklee College of Music, Boston. His numerous performances include; “Grand Central’s Anniversary 2000”, “JVC Jazz Festival at Saratoga”, “Live at Blue Note in NY 2000″, “Texaco New York Jazz Festival ’98 & ’97”. His composition “KK” was used Episode #312 of the HBO Show ‘Sex and the City’. He was selected to recording session with EMI label under The Amalia Gre group on 2003 and 2005.Also music tour with Amalia Gre in Italy, March – August 2004include performance at Blue note in Milano, and opening act for Michael Blecker group at Trino Jazz Festival.
■Gallery Talk and Calligraphy performance: Shuho Kondo has always enjoyed making live calligraphy performance collaborating with musicians. This time, she has invited Mr. Aki Lee, President of Chinese Fiddle Association in Japan. While listening to the Chinese fiddle, She will improvise and create a classical, Chinese poem.
Date: Saturday, 9/29 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (RSVP:

Admission Free

Yasuko Honda
Tue, Sep 18, 5:37 PM (7 hours ago)
September 25 – October 1, 2018
Mon-Fri: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sat: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sun: Closed

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