Jan 18 Thu 6-8pm SWINY Cells Are the New Cure! book with Dr. Max Gomez and Dr. Robin L. Smith at Yale Club

Cells Are the New Cure with Dr. Max Gomez

Age and disease will be cured by the body’s own cells! Max Gomez’s talk and book purport to bring us news of the success of the new effort of the last five years promising eternal life free of ailments if it all works out, which attempts to entrain your age old defenses against outside threats to the body plus internal crumbling by revving up stem cells, T cells and other cellular soldiers by taking them outside the body,modifying them and then sending them back to defeat the depredations of everything from aging to cancer, in other words as his title has it, Cells Are The New Cure, though his excitement over the latest successes of this approach, which has seen remarkable remission and recovery of individual patients scheduled otherwise to leave behind this mortal coil feet first very shortly, and his book is a fine, simply expressed rundown on these indications of huge potential so far, which can be followed by any untutored reader with ease and appreciation for the handsome Gomez’s renowned ability on air as well as in these pages to reduce scientific gobbledegook to human language, has to be tempered a little by waiting to see what transpires, since what he offers with such optimism for the future should be reviewed carefully to see what the overall success achieved so far really is, since these new methods like similar earlier ones have helped only a low share of patients so far, just as other gene based or blood cell manipulation techniques have sometimes showed huge breakthrough successes with individual patients only to disappoint in many others, reminding us once again that the much disdained alternative of using plant based phytochemicals to restrain and even remit if not cure cancer and other ailments remains mostly unassessed by very expensive clinical trials in the current environment of profit driven medicine, although some notable successes have been scored against cancers, even though whether people do well as they age certainly seems partially gene based, and, as Dr Gomez replied in answer to a question as to how do-it-yourself action might still replace this new approach which is currently running at as much as $475,000 a crack, it does seem as if even though the natural diet and exercise approach might help keep bodies in good shape in everyday life, generate more blood cells and evidently keep cancer at bay by revving up the immune system on their own, once large tumors and other significant ill health and aging sets in it may be time to welcome the new breakthrough as the ultimate ticket to recovery if things work out as everyone is very excitedly hoping, as the author implied with his very first statement to this crowd of mostly stenographic science reporters, though they included many distinguished practitioners of that scientifically gullible art, which was to ask “How many of you want to live to be 100?”, but nonetheless his book is invaluable for all those who want to catch up with what is going on at the frontier of future treatments, as well as the latest news on what has been established in health studies so far in general, for his book is much more than that, it is a handy, matchless compendium of research advice across the whole waterfront of current health preoccupations, which are summarized with perfect clarity. .

PR notice: YALE CLUB
Science Writers in NY cordially invites you to a special evening with award-winning medical correspondent Dr. Max Gomez — discussing his new book “Cells Are the New Cure.”

Dr. Max Gomez and his co-author, Dr. Robin L. Smith, will talk about their exceptional book, answer questions about content and craft, and sign books (sold at discount for $18.)
Beer, wine, soda and substantial hors-d’oeuvres will be provided.

Dr. Gomez’s just-published book on the use of living cells and genetic modifications as revolutionary agents of healing has arrived with exquisite timing. The very first such treatments received FDA approval in the past several months, making 2017 the year that reality began to emerge alongside promise.

Two therapies genetically transform a patient’s immune cells to target a specific leukemia. And sight is restored in a type of inherited blindness by a gene-normalizing treatment that targets the retina.

Drs. Gomez and Smith have tackled this viscerally and intellectually thrilling area head on. They cover the full breadth and depth of cellular therapy research—assimilating and organizing the promising results from more than 35,000 clinical trials—and its potential applications, from genetic defects to organ repair, cancer, autoimmune diseases, cognitive health, longevity—and so much more. They create a clear roadmap for understanding past, present, and future, narrated in highly accessible language that is a rewarding read for novice and knowledgeable alike.

Max Gomez established but a pioneer

Max Gomez established but a pioneer

Dr. Max Gomez graduated cum laude from Princeton University, earned his Ph.D. from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at The Rockefeller University. In his more than 35 years of pursuing and communicating innovative science and healthcare progress, Dr. Gomez has earned 9 Emmy Awards, 3 NYS Broadcaster’s Association awards, and UPI’s Best Documentary award.

Dr. Robin L. Smith is a global thought leader in regenerative medicine, one of the fastest growing modern medical disciplines. She received her M.D. from the Yale School of Medicine and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business.

CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez Stops By To Talk About New Book ‘Cells Are The New Cure’

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