Nov 29 Wed 6pm-10pm Inspired by firefly illuminated courtyard scene in Festa di Laurea (Graduation Party) film by Pupi Avati, Lucciola opens at 621 Amsterdam Ave

The spirit of Bologna moves Lucciola in cuisine and art in memory of the passion and soul of the actor Nik Novecento, who embodied the values of Bologna in his courage, and kindness, though he died young and his friends have created a place in New York where he could have come and spent time.

New York (November 2017) LUCCIOLA opens its doors at 6:00 p.m. this Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

LUCCIOLA is the exciting new Italian restaurant in Manhattan¹s UWS neighborhood launched by Michele Casadei Massari, Alberto Ghezzi and Gianluca Capozzi, with co-founders Erica Monti and Luca Filicori.

LUCCIOLA is an homage to their hometown of Bologna ­ its cuisine, its cinematic history, a city of dreams brought to life here in New York City. Lucciola is the Italian word for Firefly, that wonderful insect that glows in the dark.

The dishes, the atmosphere, and the overall concept of LUCCIOLA specifically takes inspiration from the film ³Festa di Laurea,² directed by Pupi Avati. The restaurant reflects the nostalgic and romantic mood of Bologna that Avati depicted, especially his famous courtyard scene where the simple illumination was reminiscent of fireflies. LUCCIOLA is located down the street from Central Park, where the most fireflies can be found in the city.

LUCCIOLA is dedicated to the actor in Avati¹s film, Nik Novecento, who embodied the values of Bologna, from his passion, soul, courageousness, and kindness. Novecento died at a young age and to commemorate his memory they have created a place in New York where he could have come and spent time.

LUCCIOLA also provides a new space for Italian artists to express themselves: Marco Gallotta is the creator and designer of the wallpaper and artworks; Marina Vanni e Cristina Guidoni from StudioEmporioHome (based in Savigno, Bologna) designed “Madre Lucciola” lamp inspired and in memory of Nik Novecento.

The LUCCIOLA menu features a front page replica of Corriere della Sera from February 1st, 1975, in which legendary film director Pier Paolo Pasolini published one of his last pieces just months before he was murdered. Pasolini utilized “lucciole” as a symbol and metaphor of part of our society.

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