Oct 18 Wed-20 Fri AES New York 2017 143rd International Convention

Where ideals link ears
Magnificent meet of minds interested in the quality of reproduced music and other sound in the service of which they resist the corruption induced by the Moore’s Law miniaturisation of user equipment such as smart phones and earphones only by dint of the most marvelous technical advances both hardware and software, where the major players are the studio engineers who grab this annual festivity as a chance to network in every corner of Javits exchanging views on the ever abundant tools of their trade, one of the most important being the earphones they use themselves in the studio to detect the slightest deviation from their mixing ideal,
and one of the most remarkable facets of the show this year is the continuing success of the Extreme Isolation range of phones from the small but much appreciated company Direct Sound, which rather interestingly achieves much of its freedom from interference in the matter at hand by using mechanics rather than software to muffle outside sounds with very substantial ear lining and strong build rather than clever software tricks, rendering isolation so effectively without discomfort in prolonged wearing that the editor of the chief magazine in the field says that he takes them on every plane flight as his best way of saying to his seatmates that he doesn’t feel like chatting about the latest Oval Office outrage, and we completely agree, while stating that the only reason we recommend Audio Technica phones over and above them is that the latter have that most mysterious X factor which allows the sound of a quartet of wood instruments or a full orchestra to expand in some subtle way that suggests the air between them as well as the air resonating through their playing, but we recognize that when it comes to sound engineering in a studio the strictly horizontal response effected by the Direct Sound approach may suit the professional at work better than the audiophile music lover who will swear that he cannot do without the liberating AT X-factor when listening to music at home with feet up, a position justified by the fact that Audio Technica makes some very fine studio models of its own, with the open back design of one of them possibly the best possible compromise in combining the ideals of both at once!

Find the highest audio quality behind the pr and the marketing curtain

Find the highest audio quality behind the pr and the marketing curtain

Maximum Audio AES NEW YORK 2017
143rd International Convention
Exhibits: October 18-20 / Program: October 18-21


Do your interests or work include Broadcast and Streaming, Networked Audio, Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality, Live Sound, Studio Recording, Home Recording, Music Production, Game Audio, Sound for Picture or Product Development? The 143rd Audio Engineering Society International Convention has you covered in one exclusively end-user focused event.

All Access registration provides access to the entire Convention, including a comprehensive papers, workshops and tutorials program. Exhibits-Plus access gains you entry to the exhibition floor and demo rooms, where leading manufacturers reveal and demonstrate the latest in audio hardware and software tools. The “Plus” includes the application-oriented sessions on the exhibit floor Expo theatres and Pavilions, along with other special events.

NAB Media in Action
AES New York 2017 will be co-located with the independent NAB Show New York 2017 event. In an adjacent exhibition hall, NAB Show New York exhibitors will be on hand with the latest video and distribution hardware and related sessions. Your Exhibits-Plus or All Access AES New York registration includes access to both exhibition halls.

Program and more
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