May 13 Sat 3pm Vaughan Williams and Barber – Tami Petty Soprano Malcolm J. Merriweather Baritone with Choral Society Director John Maclay at Grace Church 11th and Bway

Dissonant icing on glorious choral cake
A grand space without muddying echo once again provides a beautiful backdrop for two composers who are generally more palatable than their more advanced 20th Century rivals and this selection of their music related to the Almighty and his philosopher explicators generally pleased the crowd which overlooked the themes of sins and their punishment as reasons to seek the forgiveness of a feared God but since the resolution of every work seemed as much in a minor key as its other parts we found the impressive choral experience somewhat more pessimistic in color than the bright sunny afternoon outside on a warm example of continuing climate change, though the baritone was especially handsome and resonant, and the grand choir as aurally magnificent as ever, but luckily we were able to join a very amiable and heartwarming social occasion at the nearby Ukrainian restaurant where Wiener Schnitzel and uplifting beer restored our impression that the world was a hospitable place safe from the threat of the hereafter, at least for the moment.

Magnificent space at Grace Church of New York for 150 member Choral Society to sing its heart out

May 13 Sat 3pm Vaughan Williams and Barber – Tami Petty Soprano Philip Cutlip Baritone Choral Society Director John Maclay Grace Church of New York 11th St and Bway

Second and final chance to hear Barber’s ‘Prayers of Kierkegaard’ + Ralph Vaughan Williams’ ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ with our 150 voices and orchestra. Door tickets available $30.

BREAKING NEWS: Philip Cutlip, our replacement baritone now has bronchitis! To the rescue comes Malcolm J. Merriweather. You can learn all about Malcolm here (and if you click on ‘Listen’, watch a video of him singing Vaughan Williams):

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