Apr 1 Sat 6-8pm Kuwait: A Desert on Fire Book Signing st Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 1100 Madison Avenue (at 83rd Street)

Planet in the camera
Sebastian Selgado from Brazil and Paris is one of the greatest photographers at work today, perhaps because he invests his heart and soul in his photographs of the planet and the way humanity treats it, producing the most remarkable images which are visionary in their impact, incorporating not only Nature but the geopolitics that makes them significant as a warning to change our behavior, and has attracted a large following of people who share his concerns, many of whom turned up at this small Upper East Side storefront gallery hung with a few of his most famous images, including a seal turning to face him with an expression of fierce welcome with bulging shining eyes amid a crowd of seals stretching away on the Antarctic ice, and a shot of vast ice cliff sculpture shining like all his pictures with a vivid chiaroscuro of strongly bordered light and dark unique to this extraordinary photographer, to see him up close in the prime of his life at 73, with firm clear skin reflecting his outdoor work and the extraordinary fact that he is so invested heart and soul in his subject that when he left Rwanda after shooting its implosion into genocide he was ill from its psychological effect manifested in extreme internal damage with the symptom that his sperm was replaced by blood and only rescued himself by taking over 180 acres of Amazonian land reduced to scrub and replanting it with 200 different kinds of trees to bring it back to rain forest, which saw him recover as well, to devote himself to the wonders of the natural world which he worships with his camera even as his images imply and incorporate the geopolitics which are threatening them, somehow achieving an intensity and contrast in his depictions which transcend the capacity of his Leica that he still favors, although moving recently into digital, and achieving works so uniquely remarkable that his signing this evening of his portfolio books ranging from $75 to over $1000 each, in the company of his wife Lélia Wanick Salgado whom he married at 20 when he met her at the Alliance Francaise when she was 17, who is helping to keep him well by feeding him “natural” cooking, she says, which must be helping him heal his knee which he injured by taking an unsuccessful leap in shooting in the Amazon a few months ago, attracted a line of dedicated fans that stretched out of the door and down the street for two hours, people who admire his work and are also influenced by it politically, an audience built up with major shows at the ICP both on 94th Street and Fifth and on 43 St and 6th as well as downtown currently at the main branch of this gallery, where the current exhibit which opened this week is a collection of his pictures of the oil fires set by Saddam Hussein in withdrawing from Kuwait.

A very distinguished photographer Sebastião Salgado

Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 1100 Madison Avenue (at 83rd Street)
Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 1100 Madison Avenue (at 83rd Street)ill be signing copies of his recently released book Kuwait: A Desert on Fire (Taschen, 2016), the first published monograph of this series, and Genesis (Taschen, 2013) from 6 to 8 pm at Sundaram Tagore Gallery Madison Ave on Saturday, April 1.

Edited by Lélia Wanick Salgado, Kuwait: A Desert on Fire is also available in a limited collector’s edition signed by the artist.

An exemplar of the tradition of ‘concerned photography’, Sebastião Salgado is one of the most widely-respected of contemporary photojournalists. His in-depth bodies of work document the lives of people the world over, finding beauty, strength and hope even in those in the bleakest of circumstances.

All photographs that Salgado has ever made are available to Print Sales clients to purchase. The below is a selection of some of the artist’s most renowned images. To view additional works please contact us.

Prices start from £4,500 + vat. To make an enquiry: call 0207 087 9320 or email us.

If you can’t make it to the book signing on Saturday, click here to order the books directly from Taschen.

Kindly RSVP to rsvpny@sundaramtagore.com.

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