Jan 12 Thu 6.30-8.30pm Michael Dermer Author The Lonely Entrepreneur at General Assembly 20/21St/962 Bway 4th Floor

Recovery to do list
While we are always aware of how often gurus of business behavior and other religious guides feel that a list of rules is enough to make a talk or a book of advice useful and worthwhile, we hoped for more from the personally appealing author of the Lonely Entrepreneur, whose book title and video interview implied that he would throw light on the psychology and motivation of his complete recovery from his profound financial setback of 2008, when just after a major private investment finally came through to fund his business teaching other businesses to “reward healthy behavior” it went belly up, but Alas in place of the promised new perspective on the “struggle” we found in the premises of General Assembly where the 4th floor elevator opens onto a wall announcing in huge letters You’re Here a large open space where a lackadaisical audience of presumably desperate searchers after advice on how to recover from their own bottom-of-cycle phase in business fortunes were sprinkled throughout half empty seating listening to him run through a succession of slides listing behavioral rules of a useful but routine nature presented by a practiced, well spoken enthusiast for his material, but one who showed no sign of discussing and helpfully elucidating his own triumph over adversity in emotional terms with which his audience could perhaps identify to their benefit, instead offering such bromides as “Running the business instead of it running you””Staying focused and sane” “Standing out from the crowd” “Communicating in the chaos” “Don’t evaluate your life in the middle of the fight” “Know where you need help” “Find playgrounds where no one is playing”, etc, all helpful tips for efficient and effective entrepreneurship which somehow lacked the feel of getting to grips with the nub of the problem, which is surely that even in business who and what people are rules outcome more powerfully than any such to do list, and that understanding yourself and others is most likely to permit you to emerge on top of the complex group activity that is running a growing business, so we turned to examining the beer provided for attendee networking which was Goose Island IPA which we thoroughly recommend as a tasty India pale ale with a long hop finish.


Michael Dermer
Founder & CEO, The Lonely Entrepreneur
About This Event
Featured Expert: Michael Dermer, bestselling author of The Lonely Entrepreneur, overcame financial crisis to rebuild a business, brand, and his entrepreneurial spirit. In this intimate evening, Dermer guides us through a practical approach to tackle the challenges that all entrepreneurs face as they confront professional and personal growth.
Overview: Do you feel that you have a great business but are struggling to thrive? Do you feel as though the world is on your shoulders and that you are energized and overwhelmed at the same time. Discover the power behind The Lonely Entrepreneur, and learn how to thrive whilst facing universal entrepreneurial struggles..
What You’ll Take Away: Michael Dermer reveals a raw vulnerability as he shares his personal story of struggles when his business of ten years building was almost wiped by the financial crisis of 2008. Dermer uses his personal experience as a compass to guide entrepreneurs to successful tools of dealing with the struggle. Join us for an honest conversation full of important insights, practical recommendations, and vital strategic tools to tackle the challenges that all entrepreneurs face.
Why It Matters: Learn to thrive under pressure. Learn from Dermer’s experience as a lonely entrepreneur and tackle the struggles that (you) and many other entrepreneurs face.
Event Agenda
6:30-7:00pm — Check-In & Networking
7:00-8:00pm — Book Talk with Michael Dermer
8:00-8:30pm — Q&A Session with Michael

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