Jul 9 Sat Noon-4pm/4.30-6pm Body Painting Day with Andy Golub: Vivid Paint Excites Crowd, Obscures Inner Beauty

Andy Golub’s latest festivity of naked human bodies costumed with colorful paint by being painted on in public was titled Inner Beauty, a promising objective, and luckily the thunderstorms that were dotting the weather forecasts and might have reversed the skin decorations held off nicely during the purported artistic celebration of human inner qualities implied by the label, but the attentive calm that might have reigned to allow the sensitive advertised perceptions of the inner beauty of the brave models to take hold seemed sadly missing as having gained privileged admittance as Press we walked the broad alley under the trees where living bodies of all shapes and weights held still while posing were carefully painted over for four hours from noon in many striking and bold designs which as it turned out seemed to act more as shields or barriers behind which their humanity was hidden more than highlighted in this long but busy and crowded sidewalk section under the trees cordoned off from the riverbank forest of cameras of the general public by traffic barriers behind which an excited army of watchers whose lenses of all kinds and sizes from phones to huge telescopic grenade launchers were just as busy as those of the press inside the walkway taking as many photographs as possible with shouted requests and praise and general air of crowd excitement inside and outside the staging avenue, not to mention frankly that a large proportion of the middle aged models were so grossly out of shape with balloons of flesh hanging from chest and below the waist that it was impossible not to feel distaste despite the vivid scenery of onstage paint which completely obscured their sexual parts when they weren’t highlighted in gold as in one case, all of which grotesquery and warpaint seemed to leave far behind any sense of inner human vulnerability which smaller events of this kind have shared in the past, for example outside the Guggenheim last year, although Erica and especially Anne two of the younger and more gracefully shaped young women who inspired their artists to paint more subdued and aesthetically deeper designs to complement their physical beauty formed two thankful exceptions to the general run of loudly vivid designs in gold and striking colors which were suitably camouflaging but struck a more excitingly sensational note than the kind of quiet art which might have evoked a more spiritual response, all of which titillating party excitement reached a cheerful climax when the two gaily decorated buses set off for Fifth Avenue with their load of colorful fleshy canvases and busily clicking press cameramen en route to what was no doubt a lively party which will surely yield even more images and video of this sensational occasion on social media.

Body painting in public brings a new level of humanity and vulnerability together with art for the elevation of inner beauty

The 3rd Annual NYC Bodypainting Day is proud to announce its line up of talented artists! This year promises book illustrators, street artists, canvas painters, gallery owners, photographers, muralists and even body painters.

The theme “Inner Beauty,” encourages artists to look to the inner spirit of their model for inspiration as they paint their outside.

Andy Golub, the event’s founder and organizer explains, “Artists and models are paired up randomly on the day of the event. So it’s always a new and challenging experience for everyone involved.”

People are traveling from far and wide to participate including Texas, Louisiana, Quebec and Ecuador.


▪ WHAT: NYC Bodypainting Day
▪ WHERE: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th Street & 2nd Avenue, NYC)
▪ WHEN: Saturday, July 9th (rain date: July 10th)
live painting: noon-4pm
double-decker bus ride down 5th Avenue: 4:30-6:30pm
▪ WHY: To promote human connection through art

The Artists of NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

To learn more visit bodypaintingday.org. To set up an interview or obtain press pass, contact Carol Sumkin at carol@andygolub.com

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