Jun 17 Fri 6.30p-8pm CI Presents Luca Ciarla, Violinist, Mutli Instrumentalist

In this well attended last of four concerts of solo instrumentalists from Italy at ICI, Luca Ciarla from Sicily and his violin, in the twentieth concert of his tour of 22 in the US, performed as a one man band by initiating a rhythmic phrase as a base, looping it continuously with a press of a pedal on the electronic assembly at his feet, and then building a solo on top of that loop as if he was a one man duet, or even with multiple loops a trio or quartet, which initially was unexpectedly pleasing since his jazz riffs were melodious and spontaneous and quite original, and held together by the strong rhythmic pulse, but in the end one began to feel a certain sterility might be the difference between this self preoccupied one man band and the real interplay with live band members in the quartet on the CD he recently recorded, but not having heard it, one could not be sure.

Luca Ciarla, Master Musician

LUCA CIARLA violin, vocals live loops & electronics

Italian musician Luca Ciarla redraws the borders of jazz violin with a loop pedal, his voice and electronics. One by one, he performs live all the roles, playing his instrument like a guitar, a bass, or a percussion, unfolding new improvisations and virtuoso passages. In this imaginative landscape Luca sings, whistles, plays other little instruments; music is continuously evolving into an astonishing solo jazz band!
Jazz Violin 2.0 features unusual arrangements of jazz standards and original compositions. “…his post-Coltrane approach to My Favorite Things was a clever way to twit a jazz classic…” Stephen Smoliar, The San Francisco Examiner (Usa)

Jazz violin masterclass with Luca Ciarla
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30th May 2012 10:30am-12:30pm at NZSM Concert Hall

Luca Ciarla is an Italian violinist whose unique style has led him to successfully perform in countless festivals and concert series of jazz, classical and world music in more than thirty countries on every continent.

“One of the most creative and surprising violinists nowadays, Luca Ciarla easily transcends the boundaries among genres to trace an innovative musical path, a magical acoustic seduction in perfect balance between written compositions and improvisation, traditional and contemporary sounds.”

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