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Global Warming Crisis Doc Shows Potential Cure In Sight as Costs of Solar, Hybrid Cars Dive Below Polluting Oil, Gas

But Jim Hansen Says Rescue Needs Stick of Carbon Charges As Well as Carrot of Lower Prices

Time to Choose is a feeble title for a well organized, profound moving documentary portraying the horrors of planetary damage caused by fossil fuels as time to get rid of them runs out, which also presents the growing range of many initiatives to curb it at ever declining cost and get rid of oil and gas and coal forever, since there is really no time left to choose and the film presents what to many will be a a revelation, that a way out of our risking the death of many if not all humans and possibly all life on the planet in order to heat or cool our apartments and offices and drive to them in SUVs instead of using public transit has now appeared, a huge lifeline which all national leaders can grab right now as an urgent priority, namely, the fact that solar and electric cars and other substitutes for using oil and gas and coal are all now or very soon will be available at a lower price than fossil fuels, an earth moving fact that can finally get weak minded politicians world wide moving if only the antisocial leaders of Exxon and other CEOs don’t stand in the way by denying reality and saying global warming is a fairy tale and propagandizing and lobbying accordingly, while the film pictures the grotesque damage caused to the planet by their huge machinery stripping the forest off mountain tops blasted bare in West Virginia and to the unfortunate humans trapped in the slavery of digging for coal in lethal conditions there or in China or in the countryside of Nigeria where plants and fish are no longer able to live with the degree of pollution from Exxon’s oil seepage or gas flares, all adding up to a fine, factual and convincing piece of video propaganda which should inspire every viewer to vote for action forthwith, though in the disappointing panel afterwards, which lined up the Time to Choose producer and director Charles Ferguson on stage with Jim Hansen, the courageous NASA scientist who sounded an early warning in 2005 that we recall in a room across from the UN that time would run out for limiting damage by 2015 only to find last year that still no serious international action was yet taken, since he is now so convinced that nothing will be sufficient unless carbon use is penalized that he seems to think that the carrot of lower prices for solar energy will be insufficient to achieve enough slowing of global warming without this stick, which insistence rather took the wind out of Ferguson’s sails (though he laughed “Well you can see that we violently agree!”) by blunting the impression that a solution is right now lying on the table for all nations to pick up, following the lead of China, which now combines the roles of the world’s biggest polluter with fossil fuels and the nation which has led the way in developing solar.
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“The nation of Indonesia will be gone in fifteen years, unless we do something about it.” – Charles Ferguson, producer and director of Time To Choose.

Time To Choose:
A Social Cinema Screening

Time To Choose
comes to theaters across the U.S. on June 3 2016.

Review in Variety: ““Time to Choose,” which is, in a word, sobering. What’s valuable about the film is that, while it presents plenty of information that has flown around this debate for some time, it distills it with impeccable research and a straight-talk structure outlining each of the key climate change culprits: the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, mining, the livestock sector, etc. The imagery that accompanies these separate sections is the film’s biggest commodity, gasp-inducing shots of mountaintop removal in West Virginia or open coal mines in China hammering the points home.” BY KRISTOPHER TAPLEY

In this documentary, Oscar-winning documentary director Charles Ferguson addresses global climate change, capturing the urgency of the issue and the innovation of people worldwide who are coming up with solutions.
“By the middle of this century we will trigger runaway climate change — a process beyond our control. What do you do if you have that information? What do you do?” – Dr. Steven Chu, Former U.S. Energy Secretary and Nobel Prize winner
Climate change may be the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. There are solutions, but we are in a race against the clock to respond to this critical global threat. In Time To Choose, Academy Award® winner Charles Ferguson (Inside Job, No End In Sight) explores the far-reaching effects of the climate change crisis and examines the potential of solutions already available and the promise of those to come.

Shot on five continents, from the oil fields of Nigeria to the forests of Indonesia and the coal mines of Appalachia, Time To Choose investigates the costs that fossil fuels and industrialized agriculture take on human lives and future of the land. Through interviews with clean energy and environmental entrepreneurs; innovators in urban planning and design; global and local leaders; and the grassroots activists working on the frontlines of climate change, the film takes an in-depth look at many of the remarkable people working to save our planet.

Join New America for a screening of Time To Choose and a conversation with the film’s director and leading climate advocates on what may very well be the next greatest political issue of our time.

Charles Ferguson @CharlesFerguson
Director and Writer, Time To Choose
Winner, 2011 Academy Award® for Best Documentary Feature, Inside Job

James Hansen
Director, Program in Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions, Columbia University’s Earth Institute
Former Head, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Vishaan Chakrabarti @vishaannyc
Founder, Partnership for Architecture and Urbanism
Author, “A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for an Urban America”

Sharon E. Burke @burkese
Senior Advisor, Resource Security Program, New America
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy, Obama Administration

Time To Choose: A Social Cinema Screening
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EST
156 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor
New York, NY 10010
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