May 26 Thu Nord-Anglia School: St Georges Society Special Concert

A fine example of the special blessings of English and European schooling was provided by a wonderful set of brief but engaging musical performances by the children of Nord-Anglia for the distinguished delegation from St George’s Society, with the singing and playing suffused with the peculiar beauty and spontaneity of child performers untainted by ‘showing off’, winning prizes or any of the commercial motivations and competitive conflict engendered by an elbow jostling NYC upbringing, so that their shy integrity and modest purity of intention came through loud and clear as they performed as a choir or individually at the piano keyboard for the distinguished delegation of staff and members organized under the generous patronage of benefactor Moira Keys.

The prize winning team of drummers at Nord-Anglia gives a special performance for St George’s Society

On Thursday May 26th, 2016 at 2pm the children of the Nord Anglia First School at 44 East 2nd Street, New York, NY will perform for the benefit of St George’s Society some excerpts from their recent musical to the accompaniment before the performance of tea and sandwiches and afterwards of scones with cream and jam, during which a raffle will be held for two baskets of food and bathroom items.

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