May 14 Sat 3 pm Grace Church Choral Society Felix Mendelssohn Elijah Oratorio John Maclay Conductor Philip Cutlip, Tami Petty, Helen Karloski, Timothy Stoddard, Anne Sorensen

Grace Church – the finest concert hall in Manhattan?”

The last and greatest masterwork of Mendelssohn’s short but inspired life was played and sung with gentle authority and rapid precision in all its straightforward but always heartening harmonies in which two hours can pass in a wonderful reverie where despite the fire and brimstone rantings of Elijah buried in the graceful religious chant of the libretto nothing jars the onward rush of music blessing the happily satisfied audience amid the pillars and colorful figures portrayed in the many brightly glowing stained glass windows overhead in a magnificent space which complemented this music more beautifully and suitably than Carnegie Hall.

On a bright and warm afternoon of the newly arrived early summer in a great and well kept church dominating the bustling Broadway outside just below Union Square many lucky concert goers found it worthwhile to attend a performance by the Grace Church’s Choral Society of Mendelssohn’s great work, the two hour oratorio Elijah that capped his tragically abbreviated life, and were richly rewarded for their decision, their contentment reflected in the conversational buzz and many happy faces gathered outside on the sidewalk afterwards, including a group of distinguished members of St George’s Society who then adjourned to the nearby Ukrainian East Village Restaurant at 2nd and 9th St famous for its sauerkraut and cabbage and Varenyky (spinach, meat, cheese, potato or saurkraut pierogis) with buckwheat to discover anew how well matched that cuisine is by tall glasses of golden Pilsner, where the atmosphere was invigorated by the din of a sizeable crowd in the lower level celebrating the 100th birthday of a diminutive but talkative lady.

St George’s Society unfurls its flag in support of Ukraine independence

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