Apr 11 Mon 7.30pm David Grunberg conducts Spectrum Symphony with Harpist Melanie Genin in Ginastera Centennial; with Soprano Ariadne Greif, Pianist/Composer Tania Stavreva, and Tangos by Sergio R. Reyes at Broadway Presbyterian 114 St

A lively and moving evening in one of the finest concert spaces in Manhattan which began with the electric precision and vibrant personality of Tania Stavreva’s bold pianistic dynamics and the pure luminosity and vocal command of soprano Ariadne Greif, followed by the clarity and plangent expressiveness of Melanie Genin in the Ginastera Harp Concerto, was suddenly transformed into a socially significant, moving and uplifting occasion after an unheralded tango opened the second half, when the actor and activist Walter Krochmal, translator and leader of Bronx World Film, read with resonant and engaging poetic feeling an introduction to two splendid but sorrowful new works by violinist and tango composer Sergio R. Reyes, in memory of four South American activists recently murdered in the cause of environmental defence against the predations of those who would literally destroy the countries they lived in (Honduras and Guatemala). Both works were so captivating, intense and pure in feeling that they emerged as the highlights of the evening, and seemed both magnificent and somber in the environs of Broadway Presbyterian and its cream walls lit by rafter mounted globe chandeliers amid the shining mahogany of the balcony surround and spacious floor pew formation set off by the huge organ dominating the altar wall silently behind the orchestral array conducted with vigor and sensitivity by David Grunberg, who finished with a sweeping account of Variaciones Concertantes for chamber orchestra, Op. 23, which contained lush moments but nonetheless could not erase the heartfelt compositions that preceded it which were “composed for this evening with heartbreak in his soul” by Reyes.

Mélanie Genin, a native of France, was noted as a “singular harp virtuoso, with an exquisitely sensitive playing” (Epoch Times) after her recent debut at Carnegie Hall in the International Shining Star series, and as a “very promising soloist to follow” (Classic info) at the Festival des Flâneries, France.

Alberto Ginastera centennial celebration!

Celebrating Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera (4/11/1916 – 1983) – We perform the Harp Concerto with Mélanie Genin, Variaciones Concertantes for orchestra, plus a new orchestral work by tango composer Sergio R. Reyes.
With special guests: Ariadne Greif, soprano, with Jason Wirth, piano, songs by Ginastera; Tania Stavreva, pianist / composer, solo works by Ginastera and Stavreva. Broadway Presbyterian, Broadway @ W 114th St. April 11 @ 7:30PM!

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General admission FREE with ticket reservation (VIP seating available at additional cost).

Artistic Director
David A Grunberg, conductor

David A Grunberg, conductor, is founder and director of the Spectrum Symphony of New York. Concert reviewers have described his performances with Spectrum Symphony as “a powerful, kinetic performance,” having “precision and enthusiastic fervor,” “determined focus,” and being “positively joyous”

Alberto Ginastera the Composer
The conductor and the artists
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