Mar 18 Fri Justin Ferrate NYC Historian Tour Leader on Penn Central’s Lost Magnificence at Molly Barnes

Justin Ferrate brought home just what a magnificent palace was lost in Penn Station when they turned it into a rathole. Which is what happens when capitalism is taken off the dog leash it should be held on at all times.

Noted Urban Historian and Tour Leader Justin Ferate

Friday, March 18, 2016

Join noted Urban Historian and Tour Leader Justin Ferate for an illustrated lecture about the glories of New York’s once great Pennsylvania Station.

Penn station exterior – a lost Agthenian palace

Built by McKim, Mead & White in 1910, Pennsylvania Station defined the dreams and aspirations of a nation. Its destruction left a deep and
lasting wound in the architectural consciousness of New York City. Urban Historian Justin Ferate will trace the development, history, the
architectural grandeur, and the ultimate tragic demise of this once-great gateway to New York City.

Penn station’s interior – a lost New York palace

Urban Historian Justin Ferate was honored as “New York’s Most Engaging Tour Guide” by New York Governor George Pataki and the New York State Tourism Council. || Mr. Ferate was selected as the author of the Official New York City Tour Guide Licensing Examination.|| “The AAA Guide to New York City” declared Mr. Ferate’s tour of Grand Central Terminal, “New York’s Best Walking Tour!” || Time Out New York selected Mr. Ferate as “One of New York’s 50 Essential Secrets!” || Guides Association of New York Honoree for 2015: “Outstanding Achievement in Support of NYC Tourism”

Please join us at the Roger Smith Hotel.
Please bring your own lunch as the Roger Smith kitchen is closed.
For Reservations and further information, call
Molly Barnes at (212) 888-3588 or (212) 755-1400.
Justin Ferate
Tours of the City
235 East 49th Street, #12-A
New York, NY 10017
T: 212-223-2777 | F: 212-758-7893

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