Feb 9 Tue 9.30 am National Parks Adventure: 100-Year Anniversary Of The National Parks Service In 3D at AMNH

Would you care to climb an ice wall in a National Park in 3D from the comfort of your AMNH screening chair to celebrate the Parks’ 100th Anniversary?



Courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films. Photographer: Barbara MacGillivray ©VisitTheUSA.com

The American Museum of Natural History will screen the New York premiere of National Parks Adventure giant-screen filmin3D. Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films, the film takes audiences on the ultimate off-trail adventure into the awe-inspiring great outdoors and untamed wilderness of America’s national parks. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Robert Redford, the film lets audiences soar over red rock canyons, hurtle down steep mountain peaks, and explore otherworldly realms found in our country’s most legendary spaces. This new film is a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service and reflects on what wilderness means to us all.

Filmed in more than 30 national parks across the country, this immersive cinematic experience follows world-class mountaineer Conrad Anker, adventure photographer Max Lowe, and artist Rachel Pohl as they hike, climb, and explore their way across America’s spectacular wilderness vistas. In Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite, and more, this stirring title reveals a tapestry of natural wonders that will inspire the adventurer in all of us. Captured on IMAX 3D cameras and shown in its full glory in giant screen theatres, National Parks Adventure celebrates the majesty of our national parks and treasured landscapes and highlights the importance of protecting them.

In 1924, the New York State Legislature decided to honor Theodore Roosevelt with a memorial, placing it at the American Museum of Natural History in light of Roosevelt’s close association with the institution and his passion for science. The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, which was completed in 1936, was renovated in 2012 and remains a tribute to the enduring legacy of the “Conservation President.” On the Memorial’s lower level, the re-envisioned Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall anchors what has effectively become the Museum’s conservation wing, with galleries that include the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals, the Hall of Biodiversity, the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, and the Hall of North American Forests. The Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals includes stunningly restored dioramas depicting wilderness areas and wildlife that Roosevelt’s policies have helped to preserve. Roosevelt’s efforts to preserve America’s wild space include setting aside five national parks, four game preserves, 51 bird refuges, and 18 national monuments, in addition to creating or expanding 150 national forests. Altogether, Roosevelt placed some 230 million acres under federal protection.

National Parks Adventure is a MacGillivray Freeman Film produced in association with Brand USA and presented by Expedia, Inc. and Subaru of America, Inc. with major support from the Giant Dome Theater Consortium.

Michael Novacek, Senior Vice President, Provost, and Curator,
American Museum of Natural History
Greg MacGillivray, Director, National Parks Adventure
Conrad Anker, World-class mountaineer
There will be a Q&A about the film following the screening.

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